Athina  Super Athina  Hercules



Athena is a line conditioner that features a 2500W line filter an Isolation transformer and power factor correction.
The line filter protects from over voltage and voltage surges and "clears" all parasitic currents. The isolation transformer is for further protection and isolation of the music sources of the sound system.
An informative LCD display provides all the information about the power parameters.
Athena has a bluetooth data sender to communicate with smartphones. An application is provided by Tsakiridis Devices.


  • 1 direct mains socket.
  • 2 filtered sockets.
  • 2 filtered/isolated sockets.
  • Power factor correction.
  • 260W 1:1 Isolation transformer.
  • 2500W line filter
  • Soft start option upon request.
  • Powerfull Android Application.
  • Five Years Guarantee.

Download Tsakiridis Devices companion app:


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